Walking by the Rocas de Masmut – Peñarroya De Tastavins

  • Distance from Mas de Pau: 15 minutes by car

  • Circular walk: 12 km

Very close to the town of Peñarroya de Tastavins you will find these impressive rock formations with a height of up to 1058 meters. It is an impressive monolith with vertical walls more than one hundred meters high, with different shapes and perspectives on the north face and the south face. It was formed in the Paleogene with the first materials eroded from the mountain massif, based on conglomerates, sandstones and clays.

Ruta La Buitrera (7 km) – © Laura Hambrouck

Its name could derive from the place name ‘Masmuda’, a Berber tribe from Morocco that would have settled in this territory at the time of the Arab occupation. In the town we will find signs indicating the beginning of the track (12 km, PR-TE 157). The path begins at the highest houses of Peñarroya De Tastavins, right in an area that has caves in the rocks.

  • Routes Peñarroya1300 – Trail & MTB: enjoy its 90 km fully marked on a family day or a trail workout, with its 4 routes you can fill up on oxygen and enjoy the area of Peñarroya de Tastavins. When you arrive at the town you will find a large sign with all the information and routes. 
    • RUTA TRAIL 1: Tossal La Buitrera (7 lm)
    • RUTA 2: Pico LaTossa (17 km)
    • RUTA 3: Vertical El Hereu – Moles de Sabater (17 km, dificultad, alta)
    • RUTA TRAIL 4: Trail Els Ports (30 km)

  • More info: https://www.xn--pearroya1300-bhb.es/index.html
salt de ferri
Salt de Ferri – © Laura Hambrouck