Sanctuary of the Virgin of Grace – La Fresneda

  • Distance from Mas de Pau: 45 minutes by car

The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Gracia in La Fresneda is a group of buildings from the 18th century, some of which are excavated into the rock. Currently, the volumes of the church and the inn stand out, since the rest of the buildings have practically disappeared due to the great deterioration that the complex has suffered.

Itinerary from the town of La Fresneda to the monastery of the Virgin of Gracia. The starting point is from the Town Hall square of La Fresneda, crossing the Portal de Xifré, 50 meters further on, turning left following the signs indicating the Monastery of the Virgin of Gracia. We always follow the main trail and the signs and/or white and yellow signs (from the PR) that indicate the direction of the Monastery. The road is a forest track on which motor vehicles travel, the landscape is quite shaped by human action, with almond and olive tree plantations.

  • Distance: 8 km (round trip)
  • Duration: 2h30 min (round trip)

After about 5 km we will reach the remains of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Gracia, a hermitage from the 18th century.